Sparkle and Shine

Gretchen Nishitani Photography

We’re riding high this holiday weekend thanks to mother nature, our super-upbeat visitors and the magic of pyrotechnics!

It’s been pretty chilly on the mountain – starting in the single digits each day – but the positive energy (and some UV rays) are warming everyone up.

On the plus side, those cold temperatures have kept our snow surfaces soft and carvable even with only a half inch of fresh snow.

Gretchen Nishitani Photography

Have you ever seen a more beautiful shade of blue than the one painting the sky behind the Salmon River Mountains? The whole scene is sparkling during the day.

And last night, we were treated to a different kind of sparkly treat during our Light Up the Night celebration.

Sam Marvin – LMP Photography

Sam Marvin Photography

Sam Marvin Photography

Sam Marvin Photography

Sam Marvin Photography

We want to thank everyone who’s bundled up and packed some smiles to share this busy holiday weekend.

We had a blast and we hope your memories will sparkle and shine, too!

- April


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