Closing Saturday 124007The Brundage Mountain family would like to thank all of our winter visitors for a great season! We are excited to kick off our summer season with some exciting changes, including the operation of our popular slopeside restaurant during the summer months. Smoky’s Bar & Grill will be open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from June 27 – Labor Day, and will feature a delicious Sunday brunch.

Managing Director Bob Looper shares his thanks and some updates on our next big projects: [Read more...]

Closing Saturday 011001We couldn’t ask for better weather or snow conditions for our final weekend of the season.

Just as we’d hoped (and predicted), the slopes started softening on the south side right around 10 am, and we’ve been chasing that sweet corn snow around the mountain ever since. With the right strategy and wax job, these spring turns can be almost as enjoyable as a great powder day.

Top it all off with a cold drink on the deck or a barbecue in the lower lot, and you’re in spring skiing heaven.

Here’s a closer look at the great slope conditions we enjoyed today. Don’t forget – these spectacular views are available for one more day…

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Closing Weekend Prep 027006Our crews were out today working hard to prep the slopes for our final weekend of the season.

We got the chance to tag along with our camera to give you this preview of what you can expect on the slopes.

In addition to great lift ticket deals ($25 for adults, $15 for Juniors and Seniors, Kids 11 & under are free), it looks like we’re in store for some sweet spring conditions.

We’ve had warm temps and sunshine every day this week, with cold enough overnight temperatures to create our spring favorite: corn snow!

We’ve groomed all the main slopes once already, and they’ll each get another groom tonight or tomorrow morning (and of course, a fresh once-over for Sunday). [Read more...]

Costume and Pond Skim 884031This year’s spring fling was a delightful combination of fresh powder and end-of-season antics. After a morning of enjoying some amazing powder turns, an enthusiastic crowd gathered around the pond for a raucous costume contest dance-off and fierce pond skimming competition.

We started out with snow falling, but before the first round was over, the sun broke through and joined the party.

We invite you to take a look at a few of the moments we won’t soon forget…
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Our ‘Celebrate Family Day’ tradition continued today, but sharing good times with loved ones wasn’t the only thing we had to get excited about.

The snow gods dropped another three inches of fresh, DRY snow on the mountain overnight, the perfect amount to refresh our slopes and provide soft, forgiving turns.

We have now seen two feet of snow in the last four days, and for the first time in a long time, we also saw the skies clear up and the sun peek back through.

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Snowstake3.27Just when we were beginning to think Spring was here to stay, Winter has stormed back in and refreshed our powder dreams.

Seven lovely inches fell overnight, and the snow was soft and fluffy from top to bottom right from the start. Temperatures actually dropped during the day and after a couple of dry hours this morning, the snow began to fall again.

The powder refreshed the WHOLE mountain and recharged the spirits of the powder-loving locals and spring break visitors alike. I would almost feel badly posting photos of this pristine, forgiving wonderland but for one simple fact: forecasters are calling for one to two more FEET of fresh snow by the end of the weekend. [Read more...]

treasure hunt blog 003001Have you ever been skiing down a run and notice something you have never seen before?  Even though you have skied that very same run dozens of times.  Something hidden in the trees or on a sign post that you swear was not there before, but has actually been there for years.

Here are a few of those items.  Do you know where each of these items is located?  Have you ever noticed them around the mountain?  Have you noticed others?  Please share your experiences.

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